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Training, Testing and Reference Materials


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TESTING - VE (Volunteer Examiner) SESSIONS


Exam Session



ROADS is please to sponsor the testing sessions for Amateur Radio Licenses coordinated by the ARRL/VEC.

The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) issues the resulting licenses.


The testing sessions are held the second Saturday starting at 9:00 AM during the months of

January, March, May, July, September and November.


November 14, 2015


Unless otherwise noted above the testing takes place at the Polk County Courthouse located at 850 Main Street, Dallas, Oregon.

Use the main entrance to the building on the East side off Jefferson Street and follow the signs to the conference room.

Advance warning of special accommodations would be appreciated. If you have a question, feel free to contact the VE Team Coordinator.


All elements (Tech, General and Extra) are administered at each testing session.

You can find other ARRL testing session in the area by visiting the ARRL web site at


To take an exam, you must bring the following (Important Note to All!):

Two forms of identification - one of which must be a photo identification or a certified birth certificate.


Original and one photocopy of your current license, if you have one. Also note that the examiners MUST keep a copy of your amateur radio license AND copies of any documents you are using to claim credit for previous exams.


Please bring copies and originals of these documents with you as we do not have access to a photocopier at the test sites.


Original and one photocopy of any CSCEs (Certificate of Successful Completion of Exam) toward the next license class you are applying for, if any.


Your Social Security number or FCC issues FRN number. Everyone attending a VE Session to either upgrade or earn an Amateur Radio License MUST have an FCC FRN number. Please use this FCC link to register and obtain your own FRN number, before coming to a test session. (Remember to bring your FRN with you!) Hams licensed within the last several years may already have an FRN number on your license printout.


Pen, Pencils and eraser (we will supply you blank paper).


Calculator - you may have a calculator during the exam but the VE team must be able to clear and verify its memory.


Practice Test Web Sites:

QRZ.COM Practice Ham Tests

Ham Test Online - Practice Ham Tests

License Test Question Pools - ARRL


The Day of the Test:

First of all do not be nervous. The ROADS VE team at the session are all volunteer and want you to be successful in getting your new license or to upgrade your current license.


When you come into the room you we will have you fill out some paper work and then check your ID (one being a Photo ID), take copies of any supporting paperwork or prior license. You may then be seated and relax until the test session starts. We have to make sure that all candidates have been registered before we begin testing so that we can keep the room as quite as possible for those taking the test. You may continue to study any material until the VE test starts at that time you will need to put away any materials you have brought with you.


The team will them hand out the testing material and answer sheet. Follow the instructions and properly fill out all the information on the answer sheet(s). When you are done you may begin your test.


Remember Relax this is not a timed test so do not rush through it. Take your time. Keep in mind that the test questions come from a pool of questions the material you studied will have contained those questions, so there is no surprise questions.


One last suggestion. Try spend some time taking the practice test on one of the web sites above. Try testing the test several times and shoot for a passing score of 90% or higher.


If you have any questions on the VE testing sessions, please contact Ron, W7HO at or 503-585-2136.



Amateur Radio for Beginners

What is Amateur Radio?

QRZ Ham Practice Tests

Ham Tests Online

Test Question Pools     (These are all the possible test questions with the correct answers shown.)


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Reference Documents

Amateur Radio US Prefix Map

US Amateur Bands

Countries with 3rd Party Agreements

Q Codes


RST Reporting

Maidenhead Grid Locater

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